• We work with startups. We welcome engagement from small businessess who are interested helping our community grow. Yes, we love to being SMALL.
  • We are much in the business of helping fellow startups that deserve to reach their products to the right audience. If your idea solves a real-world problem and you believe will make a great impact socially, we are happy to help you reach the market with our social venture partners.
  • Are you a startup that doesn't get its deserved audience? We respect business/brands who like to stay frugal. Our extended family of sales experts all add to the experience in making real world deals to the buyers desk. ⟢


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  • If you notice a mistake that deems immediate attention, simply drop us a note for content removal, and we are happy to help. Kindly respect our privacy. Yes, we are still in BETA.
  • If you are in the business of press-releases, please note we don’t work as content writers. We ask that Media to respect our terms of engagement and treat us with the same respect that we have for every individual fellow editors.


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